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USB Drive Application Maker (U.A.M) is the exptended project of Smart Application Maker. It inherits all features of "Smart", plus the "Drive Lock" feature, which locks the drive, where U.A.M is installed and located. After the first start, it set the drive where it is located as the "Key to Start" drive. So moving it to other drive will cause program failure.

This is especially useful when apply to USB thumb drive. U.A.M is inside the portable drive. It become portable and security. If it is copied to local drive, it becomes mul-function. And that's why it is given the name "USB Drive Application Maker". (Note that this is a software R.A.D. tool that can make other software)

Likewise, if it is installed at a local drive, it cannot be moved to other drive after the first start. It recognizes only the drive during first start. This program is designed to run on USB drive. If you would like a desktop version, then choose Smart Application Maker. Because if any occurance like computer failure or local drive infected with virus happened, moving a U.A.M created program to other location is not possible.

Here is some quick start tips:

Recent Updates

[Jun 05, 2010] USB Drive Application Maker will be inactive after mid June. Visit the original project site for info. Visit here

[Feb 09, 2010] USB Drive Application Maker 1.1.0 Version Released. This version improved a lot, many bugs fixed, and many functions, usability, and user interface have been enhanced. Download here

[Feb 09, 2010] This is the first official website of USB Drive Application Maker. It is originally designed by Free Website Templates and modified by the author.


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